Employment Law

Work and employment are in many important ways central to our lives. Our work enables us to participate and contribute to our communities. Most of us spent a considerable time of our lives in workplaces. While most of the time the relationships between employers and employees can be managed without recourse to the law there are occasions when legal support can assist either an employer or an employee.

The employment team at Gaskell Law can assist while you are still in employment if you are subject to any form of a disciplinary sanction. Equally, we can assist you if your employment has been terminated:

  • Unfairly: ie employer has acted contrary to employment legislation
  • Wrongfully: ie terminated due to breach of contract of employment
  • Due to breach of any of the safeguards contained in the Equality Act 2010.
  • Due to you making a protected disclosure (whistleblowing)

We also have the necessary experience to assist you where your employer has wrongfully deducted your wages.

We will always act in your best interests and ensure that you are properly informed of the strengths and weakness of your case. We will always give you our opinion as to whether you should or should not pursue your claim.

Our team can also assist employers with a view to enable them to follow fair/lawful procedures in their employment-related disputes with employees.

Our employment team consists of a barrister, a solicitor and a caseworker.